Helpful tool to help in climbing ranks in the game League of Legends

Climbing ranks in League of Legends has become harder as the years go on. Lower rank players are gonna mess around and troll in general but mostly they are going to rage. They are also not too sure about champion strengths or weakness or what the specific champion is good at. They might know how to play a champion but not exactly sure what they have to do to win with them. If we use Ahri for example, a very popular champion, they might know what the abilities to and how they can use for waveclear or they can use her charm to set up a kill but they might not be actively looking for situations where they can catch people perhaps by using her ultimate and then a charm to kill people.

What is the tool to help climb ranks in this low-ranked hell?

The most helpful tool to help in climbing ranks in the game of League of Legends is definitely this up-to date tier list for League of Legends on the latest patches with valuable information on the champion’s position in the tierlist and what makes them stand out this patch. The tier list has been made specifically for each and every lane as well, which is Top, Mid, Bot, Support and Jungle.

The problem with this playstyle

There are two sorts of players in these low ranks, one that know they aren’t very good at the game and ones that are in thought process that it is their teams fault that they’re here and in denial. The ones in denial are the ones that will stay here for the longest, but the ones who accept it will move on and climb their ranks since they will look to fix the reasons for which they are in low ranks. Also most of the time, they do really questionable decisions in game without realising it and no one being there to tell them it’s wrong except players of their own caliber so they don’t know how to fix it either, and that’s really important because if you don’t know the why then you obviously can’t fix things.

Route of a game in low ranks

The general route of games in lower ranks goes somewhat like this, where the early game means way more than anything else, you get ahead and the enemy team is often going to rage and they’re gonna tilt and they’re just not going to know often how to deal with it, and the game just becomes easier. This is kind of because the playstyle in these games is often like who is stronger and who can get the most kills and win the most fights. The mechanics in these ranks aren’t that amazing either, neither is the game knowledge. Last hitting minions are very suboptimal, and taking trades with the enemy which are just more like fights actually which can sometimes go unfavourable, Runes are on most cases wrongly set for the champion you are playing or not really seen as important. So to climb up, you need to nail down a good champion pool that helps you climb with ease because of being strong and good in the patch and most important because you enjoy playing them and become a bit of a comfort pick for you when you go into a match.

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