How To Turn Down Sharp TV Without A Remote

Have you lost your Sharp TV remote and looking to control the TV without a remote? You have come to the right place. This post will discuss how to turn down Sharp TV and other relevant functions without a remote. All smart TVs allow users to control it with TV buttons placed under the TV panel.

You can control a few basic functions using these keys without needing a remote. As well you can change HDMI settings using the TV buttons.

Top 4 Working Methods to Turn Down Sharp TV Without A Remote

Method 1:

Plug all the cables correctly into your device and turn it on manually using the “POWER” On/Off buttons placed under the TV panel. Press the same “POWER” button to turn off your Sharp TV.

Also, you can see the Volume control buttons beside the “POWER” button to control the TV volume without a remote. In addition, you can navigate menu options using these volume buttons.

You can access the Menu using the “HOME” key or the “MENU” key under the TV panel. For the “MENU” navigation, use the “CHANNEL” or “VOLUME” control buttons.

If you cannot enter menu settings directly, use combination keys to access the Menu. Press the “POWER” button and the “MENU” keys simultaneously. After this, select the required option using the “VOLUME” or “CHANNEL” changing switches.

Method 2:

In the second method, you will need to connect your wired mouse to your Sharp TV. The device detects the mouse within a few seconds. Using the wired mouse, you can control the Sharp TV, and as well you can switch off the Sharp Tv without a remote. If the Sharp TV doesn’t recognize the mouse, you must follow another method mentioned below.

Method 3: 

Several remote apps are available on the Google play store and App store to control your Sharp TV. Usually, the Sharp TV recognizes the Infrared signals from the remote. So your device must be connected to a network to use a mobile remote to control your Sharp TV without a remote.

Method 4: 

Use a universal remote to control your remote. You can use your original remote’s features in the universal remote. However, you will need to program the remote before it uses for your Sharp TV. Universal remotes can program two or three ways, which can use to program a universal remote for your Sharp TV.

How To Change HDMI On Sharp Tv Without Remote

You can change the HDMI settings without a remote.

Press the “MENU” button or the “POWER” and “MENU” buttons simultaneously.

The TV will show the Menu items, where you can find the external HDMI settings.

Change HDMI settings using the “CHANNEL” or “VOLUME” control buttons.

If you cannot turn off or turn on the Sharp TV using the methods mentioned above, you will need to buy a TV remote to control your Sharp TV. If this article is helpful to you, share your experience with us, which will help us improve user experience.