How to fix Kodi Error (Vshare pair) is a popular video server and video hosting site, it holds millions of videos of popular TV shows and movies. It is cross-platform as well, meaning it allows users to share and upload any of their videos and share it online. The URL also stands for Video Share. Due to it’s booming popularity, the developers have created a pairing system to access it’s videos to avoid overload on their servers.

The Kodi video add-ons like Exodus, Genesis and many such similar ones allows Kodi to connect to the service securely and directly and find whatever the user is looking for with ease and speed. The variety of movies and shows it provides is the reason why vshare and openload is booming right now and is extremely popular.

How do we fix  “error”? In Safe Way

In this tutorial, we will show you the easiest method to fix this problem you are facing and make it go away instantly.

Guide To Fix and vshare pair Authorization Error on Kodi 17.6& 18

There are a few ways to go about this, we will show you two of the simplest methods to pair your device with vshare pair website.

Enable your VPN- First of all, connect to a VPN on your device and select your desired country location to replace your IP so you can access the content mentioned without revealing your identity such as location and IP address.

Open a web browser- We will need you to open your web browser and enter the link to be able to go ahead with this method. The web browser should be up-to-date with the latest scripts. Browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox work best.

Enter the link in the URL bar– Enter the link on the URL bar of your web browser. This site is made by VideoShare, to assist users in streaming videos from their server by using a process called pairing which registers your network to their system.

vshare eu pair

Complete the captcha– Click on I’m not a robot and solve any captcha that might appear to prove that you are human.

Press Active Streaming– Press the Active Streaming button located below after confirming that you are not a robot, it will then pair your network with VideoShare, for the next 4 hours from the time of pairing and you will be granted access to all of VideoShare,’s hosts and videos.

Repeat- You can repeat this process as many times as you want and simply go to again and pair to extend the pairing for another 4 hours.

Final Words

vShare pair hosts many TV shows, movies and videos for its users to access any time they want for free. Due to Kodi, they gain little to no revenue from it. We should definitely strive to help them out by accessing their site and pairing which helps them indirectly and enables us to support them. This pairing method is completely safe and secure, since vShare is known to be a very safe site as well.

This tutorial showed you how to get past the stream authorization errors through method. If you still happen to have any queries regarding OpenLoad Pairing, do comment down below so that your issue is resolved immediately. Thank you and have a nice day!